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School Collaborations

Our scope is limited only be the imagination of the students and their teacher. 

We can never pin a curriculum to a row.  The sea doesn’t work that way.  We never know when an interesting cloud formation will call our attention.  We talk of weather and tide.  Sometimes we are joined by the friendly seal population of Rockland Harbor.  Sometimes a school of mackerel crown right by the boat.  


Our scope is limited only by the imagination of the students pulling the oars and the teacher who guides them.  That is to say, on the coast of Maine there are no limits to what can be learned on a boat. Yet there is a way to direct that learning.  Learning that involves the senses is learning that sticks, even if the smell of the sea has nothing at all to do with the angle you are measuring. 

We learn leadership, followership, teamwork; skills that transfer seamlessly into the work place. 

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Experiential Education is one of the many tools available to our classroom teachers. 

Leadership skills necessary in life fall absolutely into a gig’s wheelhouse.  “You are at the helm of Red Jacket Incorporated.  You are the new supervisor.  These people holding oars are your employees.  It is to their benefit to give you what you ask because their salary depends on it.  Your job is to give them clear direction to get us to our goal, which is that mooring ball over there.”  The situation is real, the transferable skills are undeniable.  The real life experience of leadership prepares us for a real world job.


Scheduling is arranged between teacher, Station Maine, and the available transportation.  Programs have been daily, weekly, occasionally, or only once.  Station Maine is happy to work with classroom teachers towards a working schedule.  

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Station Maine is happy to work with classroom teachers towards a working schedule. 

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School Collaborations

Our programs change.  We often add custom programs or rows by request.  Contact us about our School Collaborations and we'll let you know the current specifics to get you involved.

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