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Station Maine

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to row with Station Maine?

Station Maine is committed to offering rowing without cost. That is to say, it will cost you nothing. We raise money through grants and donations to make this possible.

Age Brackets:

Our High School racing crew is limited to youth aged 13-18. After school programs are available to ages 10-18. Anyone of any age is welcome to our Community Rows, but we request that children under 12 be accompanied by an adult.

I have no experience rowing.  Can I still row?

Absolutely. This isn’t the Olympics. Anyone who wants to pull an oar with Station Maine will find a community anxious to help them succeed.

What sort of boat are we rowing?

Station Maine rows a Cornish Pilot Gig. These gigs were designed in Cornwall centuries ago to ferry the pilot out to larger ships to guide them in. We find this design lends itself easily to community rowing.

Are there other “Rowing Stations” around?

There are dozens of programs on the east coast who boast rowing programs. Maine has programs in Rockland, Belfast, North Haven, Blue Hill, Frenchboro, Cranberry Isles, and Portland, with more being formed each year.

Station Maine