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After School Programs

Experiential education is, above all, activity centered. 

It is well known that a hungry child can’t learn.  Less well known is that emotional hunger counts.  Adolescence is a social time when the embrace of a peer group suddenly means more than pleasing your parents.

We offer the opportunity to participate in local and national rowing competitions.

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Our scheduling is flexible, subject to the needs of the crew and community.

Rowers in Station Maine find a unique sort of belonging place.  How you dress or where you come from mean very little in a crew giving it all to round the second buoy in a race.  Did you pull with all you had?  Do you encourage your shipmates?  Are you there when there’s work to be done?  Were you with us when that big wave got us all soaked?  Shared experience has always drawn people close.  Shared intense experience draws us intensely closer.  The sense of belonging in a group then frees our minds to explore and embrace more mundane things like homework and plans for the future.


Yet Station Maine remains student centered.  Rows have been canceled or rescheduled because we need to support one of our crew in the school play or a fencing tournament.  Practices have been added because we really need to work with the new kid on feathering her oars.  It’s all about the kid.  We are there for our shipmates.


Rows are always subject to last minute cancellation for weather and, because we are dependent on our school buses for transportation from school to our after school programs, if there is no school there is no rowing during the school year.

After School Programs

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Rowers in Station Maine find a unique sort of belonging place. 

:45 video