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Mariah Jones honored with Leadership Award

Mariah is a Senior Watch Captain with Station Maine. For the first few of her seven years with us she was the only girl rowing with us. She never seemed to notice, nor did she allow the boys to treat her differently because she was a girl. She pulled her oar with a power that brought her the title of Girls Champion in the CrashV, an indoor rowing competition on Vinalhaven.

Since then, Mariah has continued to take greater and greater responsibility for the crew. Although she admits to being a shy person she has raised herself to the level of Senior Watch Captain, one of the few young people to have achieved that status, which requires considerable training and experience in coaching young crews and old with various levels of experience. This standing requires not only superior seamanship ability, but judgment beyond her years as she sorts out the abilities of her crew, her vessel, the weather and sea conditions.

There are many girls now with Station Maine's rowing program. They all look up to Mariah. Because Mariah has achieved such authority and status within the Station, the local rowing community, and beyond, every young girl in Station Maine knows that she can learn to row and command as well as any boy on the crew.



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