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Arctic Sea Smoke

It's bitter cold out this morning. Zero in Rockland and less inland. The beauty of waking up on the coast of Maine today is the sea smoke. It's a sort of fog that comes to cold areas when the temperature of the water isn't as cold as the air above it.

Sea smoke rises and floats in little wisps which are stunningly beautiful in the morning light. I remember studying about Arctic Sea Smoke in some science class in school and wondering if I would ever see something so exotic. Today is was mine to enjoy.

I hope parents and schools can find a way to show this wonder to their children somehow this winter. I get it, it only happens on bitter cold mornings when we're all fighting to get the house warm and praying that the car will start.

Still, for many of us, all it takes is a swerve by the ocean on the way to school, shopping, church, or wherever people go early in the morning with their children.

It is a magical experience worthy of the trip.


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