Station Maine School Rowing Program

In an effort to make public education more relevent to our students Station Maine, through a collaboration with Rockland's Middle School, Oceanside East, and Rockland Alternative Ed, is taking 50 Middle School and High School students to row on Rockland Harbor every week as regular part of their school day.

Through rowing students learn the value of cooperation and team work towards a common goal. They learn to lead. They learn to follow. They learn to "stay the course" when the going gets rough. They earn a huge dose of self-confidence in commanding a vessel of this nature, and because they must lead, they find new respect for those in authority. The many who intend to pull their living from the sea find a new relevance in school when it gets them out on the water. For others the experiential component becomes a new way to understand academics. Not insignificantly, looking forward to an experiential break from an education of books and standardized tests helps get many students through the day.

Thus far Station Maine's school alliances have met with great success. In addition to the obvious benefit of physical exercise, leadership, and team building, ALL of the students involved with the School Rowing Program in Middle School, High School, and Alternative Ed programs have seen their grades go up on state and national standardized tests. Students showed improvements in attendance, and less measurable but equally important improvements in their willingness to work as a team, to respect authority, and to work on goals and projects outside their "comfort zone".

Report from the Pilot Program 2010 - 2011

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